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Dogs Available for Adoption

Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet. If you are interested in adopting a puppy or dog listed on this website please contact us or visit our shelter to meet the pets "in person." 

There is a nice selection of dogs and puppies for adoption. Stop in the shelter and take a look at them and perhaps take one home with you.

If the pet you are looking for has already found a family, please consider one of the other wonderful pets who needs you.

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home
 and every home would have a dog.

McCook Humane Society Guest Jewels is a gorgeous white and fawn adult Basenji mix who's great with people but absolutely hates cats and other dogs. It was naturally causing some problems in the home and with the neighbors so she was brought to us for a chance at a new home. She's very smart and would be a great addition for the right home.

Belle Starr  
McCook Humane Society Guest Belle Starr is one of three dogs that were brought to us because her previous owner was moving and couldn't take all of the dogs. Her and the other female of the group were just about ready to give birth, and did. The third dog was the father of both litters and he was an American Bulldog who was immediately adopted. Belle is a very sweet and gentle young adult white and brown American Staffordshire Terrier mix who definitely gets along with other dogs, and with anyone she comes in contact with. She's very friendly and has been known to give a smile.

McCook Humane Society Guest Mater was one of a litter of five pups that were brought in to the shelter back in January. The mother of the litter was a German Shepherd and the dad was a Black Lab. They were born on Nov. 7th. They were all adopted out very quickly, and Mater was adopted into a home that just wasn't quite prepared for the full extent of puppy parenthood! They just don't have the time to spend with a puppy, and came to realize just how much energy and bounce puppies have!

McCook Humane Society Guest Talk about gorgeous! Wow! Hag came in as a stray and we're calling him an Australian Shepherd and Lab mix because of that beautiful red merle coloring. He's bouncy and happy and just so much fun to be around, he'll definitely brighten up your day. We know absolutely nothing about this guy's past, he came from a neighboring community, but he's very friendly and super smart. When he came in, you just started hearing an old Merle Haggard tune... so that's how he got his name.

McCook Humane Society Guest Shaylee is a very unique and beautiful brindle German Shepherd and Boxer mix 3 year old who comes to us because her previous owners moved into a home that wouldn't allow them to keep her. She's extremely happy and friendly, gets along fantastically with everyone she meets. She gets along with kids, with other dogs, and even cats! She loves car rides and knows basic commands. Come on in and meet this beauty!

McCook Humane Society Guest Shadow was born on Nov 17th of last year. Her mom was a Lab, German Shorthair and Malamute mix but she's not telling us who the dad was although the previous owner's suspect it was the Lab down the road. Shadow comes to us because her previous owner's just work way too many hours for a puppy and weren't prepared for the litter. They've found homes for all but her and would've loved to keep her, but want her to have a home where folks can spend more time with her. She gets along great with kids especially, She's great with other dogs, and hasn't chased any of the neighbor cats that came into the yard. They say she wasn't a hyper dog at all and didn't even bark much. She's very smart and super sweet.

Website photos and pets' availability are updated weekly.  "Adopt a Pet" on KICX radio, 96.1 FM, airs each day between 7:30 and 8 am with the latest information on our adoptable pets or give us a call at the Shelter.