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Dogs Available for Adoption

Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet. If you are interested in adopting a puppy or dog listed on this website please contact us or visit our shelter to meet the pets "in person." 

There is a nice selection of dogs and puppies for adoption. Stop in the shelter and take a look at them and perhaps take one home with you.

If the pet you are looking for has already found a family, please consider one of the other wonderful pets who needs you.

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home
 and every home would have a dog.

McCook Humane Society Guest Woofie is a little over a year old and is a brown and tan Boxer mix who comes to us because he's just not good with farm animals. He tends to chase them and he'd just be better suited in a home environment without the livestock around. He's super affectionate and awesome around kids, just a super guy.

McCook Humane Society Guest Meet Pepper... he came in as a stray and wasn't claimed. This gorgeous black medium haired black Border Collie mix (best guess with Lab) young adult is full of energy and very ready to learn from anyone willing to spend time with him. He's one of those guys that you just can't help laughing at. He really wants to please you, so he'd be easy to train, if you've got time to spend with him, and he's extremely intelligent. He doesn't seem to have problems with other dogs, and definitely not with anyone human. He hasn't been around any cats, so we don't know about those of the feline persuasion.

McCook Humane Society Guest Sally was brought in to us because she was abandoned on a rural road right outside of town. She's a very sweet adult fawn and white Staffordshire Terrier who loves humans and gets along very well with other dogs. This dog is so smart and loves to please. She'd be a wonderful addition to an active family because she's a very happy and active young girl!

McCook Humane Society Guest This handsome black Lab and best guess Staffordshire mix came in as a stray that wasn't claimed by an owner, so he is now available for adoption. He's a young adult, very strong and extremely intelligent. He's still got a lot of puppy in him, loves to play and needs to find someone with time to spend with him and wants a pal to hang with.

McCook Humane Society Guest Coach is an awesome four year old black and white Border Collie who comes from a home that had other dogs, cats and quite a few kids. He comes to us because his owner can no longer care for him and this guy needs a new home. He'd be a wonderful addition to any home, you wouldn't believe what a guy he is until you come meet him.

McCook Humane Society Guest Jewels is a gorgeous white and fawn adult Basenji mix who's great with people but absolutely hates cats and other dogs. It was naturally causing some problems in the home and with the neighbors so she was brought to us for a chance at a new home. She's very smart and would be a great addition for the right home.

McCook Humane Society Guest Bernie showed up as a stray and is now available for adoption because no one came to claim the poor thing. This white and black adult Lhasa Apso was most definitely having a bad hair day when he showed up. Just as we suspected, under all those tangles of fur, was a handsome fella with a heart of gold. He's very sweet and affectionate and is another one that's won our hearts over. We don't know anything about his past, he doesn't seem to have a problem with anyone he's met so far.

McCook Humane Society Guest Lola is a super affectionate and loving Heeler and Husky mix who comes to us because she doesn't play well the neighbor's cats. She's right at a year old and is an absolute angel otherwise. She gets along great with other dogs, with humans of all ages, especially kids. This gal is a wonderful dog as long as there are no cats around, they seem to be her kryptonite!

McCook Humane Society Guest This gorgeous young black Lab was brought in because she is just way too much puppy for the previous owner. His health is just not what it used to be and she's way too active of a dog for him. She is extremely smart, easily trained, and just fun to be around... she's a Lab! She was born in January, so she's right under a year old. She gets along with absolutely everyone, and is well behaved.

Website photos and pets' availability are updated weekly.  "Adopt a Pet" on KICX radio, 96.1 FM, airs each day between 7:30 and 8 am with the latest information on our adoptable pets or give us a call at the Shelter.