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Dogs Available for Adoption

Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet. If you are interested in adopting a puppy or dog listed on this website please contact us or visit our shelter to meet the pets "in person." 

There is a nice selection of dogs and puppies for adoption. Stop in the shelter and take a look at them and perhaps take one home with you.

If the pet you are looking for has already found a family, please consider one of the other wonderful pets who needs you.

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home
 and every home would have a dog.

McCook Humane Society Guest Such a sad day when Mel was brought in! Mel is a very sweet white Bull Terrier mlx with cool brindle patches. She's a little over four years old and comes to us because the folks that had her had too many dogs for the city that they lived in. Mel comes from a home with other dogs, and got along with most of the cats also. She absolutely loves kids of all ages, was raised with children from infant to teen.

McCook Humane Society Guest Herbie is a six year old Lab mix, he's black with white markings, very smart, and gets along with everyone. He's been an outside dog for the last few years but was an inside dog for the first part of his life and was housebroken during that time. He comes from a home with other dogs and kids of all ages, and is excellent with both. His previous owners brought him in saying they just don't have time for him or his pal Sparky anymore.

McCook Humane Society Guest Sammy is just a love! This 8 to 10 year old black Cocker Spaniel is an absolute joy to be around. He really did win every one of our hearts almost immediately and we almost changed his name to Casanova. He was brought in because he was left with a friend and wasn't ever picked up, that person already had too many pets to care for. He gets along great with other dogs, with cats, and with folks of all ages. He just absolutely loves, actually craves companionship.

McCook Humane Society Guest Riley comes to us because she was left with someone for a temporary stay that turned into a permanent one. Unfortunately the folks just can't have another dog and didn't sign up for that, they were just trying to help a friend out. Riley's a very sweet, smart and energetic Black Lab and Husky mix with white markings on her chest and paws. If you're thinking by her pictures that she gets along with kids and dogs and has that bubbly personality... well you are exactly right! Come on in and meet this gal!

McCook Humane Society Guest Zues is an eleven month old black and white Shorthair Pointer and Heeler mix who comes to us because of job changes with his previous owner causing him to have no time to spend with him. This fella absolutely loves everyone, especially kids. He loves to hang out on the couch, thinks that's where he's supposed to be if you're there, and he's actually been worked with during a hunting season. He is super friendly, smart and just really fun to be around.

McCook Humane Society Guest Cappy is a sweet and friendly Aussie mix who showed up at a very kind man's house over a month ago and he tried to find the owner but was unsuccessful. He named him Cappy and they became buddies. This is a wonderful dog as a human companion, but absolutely not cut out for the farm life. He needs to be a pet and not around livestock or cats. He's absolutely wonderful with humans of any age and other dogs.

McCook Humane Society Guest Liz came in as a stray, she's an adult Red Heeler that seriously had to be somebody's baby. She is honestly just way too friendly and sweet to have not belonged to someone. She is one of those gals that wants nothing more than to just be next to someone, she'll put her paw on you, or look up at you with those beautiful eyes. She minds extremely well, is very mild in temperment and gets along with everyone. She'd be a wonderful family addition.

McCook Humane Society Guest Meet Della. She showed up as a stray that no one claimed. It's so sad because she is one of the sweetest and friendliest gals ever! She's a black Lab mix with white markings and yes, she's got some age on her, and a little gray in the muzzle... but you sure can't tell by the way she loves to roll around in the grass and get her belly rubbed! She's got a lot of love to give some lucky family if they'd just open their home and heart to this wonderful gal.

McCook Humane Society Guest Thor is an extremely sweet and energetic two year old black Lab and Boxer mix with cool white markings. He's very friendly, very outgoing and gets along with absolutely everyone he meets. He's great with other dogs also. He comes to us only because he's just too much dog for the elderly couple that had him, he's got too much energy and too much strength. This guy is great inside the house also, he spent more time in then out, but is happy either way as long as he's getting attention. He's not entirely convinced he's actually a dog!

McCook Humane Society Guest This old gal is a sweetheart! Riley sure doesn't act like a twelve year old! She's a gorgeous and still very active black with white Border Collie mix who is perfectly content hanging out and listening to anything and everything you have to say. You can trust her, she won't repeat a word you have to say. She'd be a wonderful companion, and is very eager to take walks or hang out and watch TV, or pretty much whatever you're into to. She comes to us because her previous owners have had to move into assisted living and can't have pets. This gal is used to being spoiled rotten and used to a whole lot of attention. She's not real fond of the faster smaller kids, so she'd be more the perfect companion for an older person who is just lonely and needs a pal.

McCook Humane Society Guest Meet Penny... she is a gorgeous and friendly red Miniature Pinscher who comes to as a stray. This gal had to be somebody's baby, and had to have spent a lot of time with a family. She absolutely loves every single person she meets, has no problem with any dogs or cats she's met, and is just a happy little lady to be around. We still just can't get over the fact that someone left her in here and didn't claim her. If you're looking for a fun family member, come on down and meet this sweet girl.

McCook Humane Society Guest Juno is an absolutely gorgeous 2 year old female German Shepherd Dog who comes to us because her original owner moved and couldn't take her with them. The folks she ended up with couldn't keep her because she just doesn't do well with other dogs, and they have other dogs. Juno is gorgeous and absolutely loves humans but really does not like other dogs. She needs to be in a home where she is the only one of the canine persuasion.

McCook Humane Society Guest Duff is a stray that comes to us from a neighboring community. He's a gorgeous young black Lab mix that seems to get along with anyone he meets, doesn't have any problems with other dogs, and pretty much ignores our shelter cat. Since he came in as a stray, we don't know anything about his background but he seems to pick up on things rather quickly, so he'd be easy and quick to adapt into any new home.

McCook Humane Society Guest Teddy is a three year old Jack Russell Terrier mix who comes to us because his previous owners just work way too many hours and have absolutely no time to spend with him. He's fantastic with kids, with other dogs and with cats. Teddy isn't your typical JRT, he's not overly hyper and he actually likes cats. He's a great guy, super friendly, and would be a wonderful addition to pretty much any home.

Website photos and pets' availability are updated weekly.  "Adopt a Pet" on KICX radio, 96.1 FM, airs each day between 7:30 and 8 am with the latest information on our adoptable pets or give us a call at the Shelter.